Is there an option to use L1/R1 for aim/shoot in the final release?


I know this option didn’t exist in one of the beta versions that I played, but I was hoping this was added to the final release. If there is no such option, I would like to know how the touchpad on PS4 is used. I own a ControllerMax that would allow me to reconfigure my controls to the setup I prefer, but it causes problems with touchpad inputs. Thanks for any answers.


So… nobody knows?


Hello Spoonman671! To answer your question, the touchpad on the PS4 is used to display the minimap in game, as soon as you click it in, the map will appear. Hope that helps, Happy Hunting!


So just for you i will start my ps4 and check it…

ok touchpad i already know: it opens the map ingame but that is all no real input or use of the touchmechanism.

as for changing l1/r1 to shooting:
As monster it is possible to get your l2: eating, climb to l1 and r2 attack to r1, but you have to use another button to evolve

As a Hunter it is only possible to change zoom to r3 instead of l2 but shot is always on r2 sry mate



Thanks for the info, guys.