Is there a way to turn off achievements?


It never really bothered me too much before, was only an occasional annoyance. But while playing Slim the achievements that constantly pop up are driving me nuts from obscuring the health bars 90% of the time.

I don’t think there’s a way to get rid of them, looking through the options. But I figured I’d ask.


A little exaggeration I’m sure but hey, once you get them you don’t get them again. Soon you’ll have them all and there will be no bother.


I believe he is talking about game rewards. The requirements for those are so low right now that you can easily get bunch of them in short period of time… like during the battle… when you really need that team status in lower left.


Ah, that makes sense.


Yeah, those. I just can’t see the health bars when I need to during battle. But I’m guessing from the responses this is just a deal with it kinda thing.

Thanks all the same.