Is there a way to skip through 'DETERMINING RANK'?


…because I’ve never really played a lot of ranked Hunt as the Monster up until now and as such am still Determining Rank.

And it’s currently taking me 30+ minutes every single time to find a group of Hunters. I really don’t intend to do the full list of placement matches like this.

I know it goes against the system, but surely there’s a way for me to start actual matches already? I don’t care if it means I start at Bronze or whatever, but this is just dreadful.


Just do quickmatches?

Also having a rank won’t reduce waiting time


How does that help me advance through the placement matches so that I can actually play Ranked as Monster?

I don’t gain anything from playing with the people I encounter in Skirmish.


So you wanna play ranked, but not play ranked at the same time…tricky. …


I wanna play ranked.

The only confusion here is you considering looking at the matchmaking queu for 30 minutes as a part of “playing Ranked”, which I do not.


Well the waiting time is annoying, I have to agree. But I don’t see how "skipping determining rank " would alter that


Que in ranked during peak play times if you want the shortest que possible.
Alas, no means to get to ranked without doing the determine rank option, and no way to shorten the que…


Being ranked isn’t going to change the queue time. You already have a rank behind the scenes, but the algorithm just doesn’t have enough confidence in it for it to be meaningful.

I was in the same boat last time I tried to play; I think I’m 4/10 determining rank for monster, but I have no desire to wait for the queues in ranked or to play monster in skirmish.


Agh… that’s what I feared.

My profile shows me as a “Silver Master” Monster and I’m fine with that, hell I’d have been fine with Bronze Skilled if it meant faster queuing.

But you’re right, it would seem it’s using the usual algorithm using my “real” behind the scenes rank as a starting point. Damn.
Guess this is the usual waiting time for ranked for me. Didn’t expect that.


Theres nothing to skip. Youre already ranked. You are playing “actual matches”.

Even while playing as a “determining rank”, you have a rank- Everyone starts off at the lowest of the low, Wood destroyer (Ok ok, bronze tier 1)- and as you win matches while your rank is being determined you obtain points, which kicks you up to higher ranks.

You can check where you currently are by clicking profile, then global, and checking out your current monster rank from there. This is the rank it is using to try to find you hunters to fight against.

Determining rank just means the game is giving you some inflated points for winning matches. Its doing this in an attempt to place you “quickly”, because realistically itll take about 50 matches to really settle into where you should be, but who has the patience for that?

The thing to keep in mind is that there is almost always a disproportionate amount of monsters to hunters in ranked play. For every 1 monster you need 4 hunters. The sad reality of it is that you have way, way more than this ratio. The game already starts to expand how far away from your current rank itll look to match you against the longer you wait. The actual games “population” really isnt the problem here. Its the ratio. Even when we had a lot more players during the free weekend, we had some decent wait times for monsters because we had bad “ratios” of monsters vs hunters. Too many monsters. Not enough hunters.


'tis a shame.

Mostly because for some reason the Hunters I’m getting paired with every 30 or so minutes are Bronze to early Silver Hunters and it’s starting to feel like nothing more than a grind.

In the end I’m getting an inflated rank from killing less experienced players and they’re not enjoying their time because I’m pretty sure the resulting match is the opposite of what they had hoped to experience against a “Determining Rank”.

I at least hope that’ll no longer be the case when the game gives me my actual rank. I’m hoping, even though it seems extremely unlikely at this point, that the queuing times are because of my actual rank while getting paired with early Silver players is only temporary.


Again, you have an actual rank :smile: Determining rank is just a temporary place holder while youre getting your initial “inflated points matches”. But behind the scenes, you are ranked. Youre just getting whats available around your current rank.


But they’re Bronze Destroyer half the time!

Damn this mode to oblivion, why must Customs be the only way to have a proper match?


Yeah they hide your rank behind determining rank for awhile because it is really really jumpy when you first start. Like gaining hundreds or losing hundreds of points in a single match.


I know! The placement matches are hell. But even when you are in a rank, games take FOREVER!!!


half the players are bronze destroyers. Be lucky that you are low enough to still get them, once you get so far into silver that the masses of bronze players can’t fight you anymore the wait time skyrockets from half an hour to half a day, there are simply not enough high skill hunter teams for good monsters to pit themselves against.


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