Is there a way to see, what my2k account i'm linked to?


Maybe a bit strange:
I play evolve on steam and created and linked a my2k account on first day. But now i’m not sure what email and passwort i used.

Is there a way to see, what 2k account i’m is that i can use the same on the hunters quest app?

i’m on steam and maybe there is some config file or something? (i just need the email adress, passwort should i know)


Unlink it and then relink it with whichever 2K account you want to use, mayhaps?


i think i will lose my skins from the challanges (griffen, goliath, goldskin) if i do this…


Not if you add the same account again. Some people don’t have the skins showing up and unlink and relink to fix it.

You’d be best off submitting a ticket with 2K Support on their website.


i’m allready on the right 2k account in evolve. but i start to play this mobile app and now i’m not sure what my 2k account was.


Ah, in that case I’m not sure. Hmm.