Is there a way to play the old version of Evolve?


I undersand I’m in the minority here, but believe it or not I used to love playing Evolve as a single player game with bots (Infact I’ve never played online to this day still), I especially liked the Evacuation mode, or the ability to choose between quite a few different modes, and especially the number of maps.

However, with the launch of this new version, most of that has been taken away, it appears I’m left with a game offering me 2 modes of play on only 4 maps and no evacuation mode. This seems really limited compared to the old version.

So, as a result I’d like to play the original version I purchased rather than this new one, is such a thing possible ? If not then I’ll be dissapointed that a game game just be removed and replaced with something so different without leaving a way to play the original.


Go to your Steam Library.

Right click Evolve, select Properties.

Select the “Betas” tab, and from the drop-down, choose Legacy Evolve.

It will then install the old, Legacy version of Evolve for you to play. :slight_smile:


Ah brilliant, thankyou so much :slight_smile:


Do you have to download the game again?


If you do change to legacy this then yes and you also have to redownload stage 2 if you switch again, but there is a way to switch without redownloading.


Skins, rank and all Monsters are still to keep?


Can anyone answer this?


@Insane_521, know the answer? Or who would know?


If you get something in Legacy and then play Stage 2, you’ll have it. That should mean that going the other way works too. Only thing to keep in mind is the character/account progression were totally changed between the titles.


The question is, how do I download the masssive client while still being able to play the stage 2 game?


It’s not worth downloading the older version


Seriously? The old version is the best version.


I couldn’t get any games online


On console I never had a problem. I may have to jump on my wife’s console and see how quick I get a game. I’m sure it will be fast.



aye there is… Still working, I check and update the guide as needed if anything changes or breaks.

Other questions asked where:
Do things transfer between? Skins / Monsters? Skills/Progress?

exactly as @snowkissed said, and i have confirmed
Things do transfer, Skin and monster unlocks will.
However the skill and progress between legacy and stage 2 are not linked in that way.

I have bought skins in Legacy and they showed up in Stage 2, and earned Skins/Unlocks in Stage 2 show up in Legacy.
(yes from store with real monnies, @Insane_521 can confirm as i reported this as a possible issue to him, still want to someday get the two skins i missed. :stuck_out_tongue: )

If you want to play Legacy with people you can! However the playerbase is dead.
Match Making does work, along with Co-op play with the older game modes and maps.
I have tested this with my two pc’s here in home in Evac online Coop at least.
I personally do not know of any PC groups that play legacy but i am sure they exist, or in theory could.
Heck I can load up Legacy anytime and play a game or two with you if you like. :slight_smile:


Twice i downloaded the bloody game :frowning: