Is there a Stream beginning now?


Hi everyone, is actually redirecting to BoldElf’s channel.
Is there an official dev’s stream right now?

Thanks for reading and have a great day. :slight_smile:

Edit: my bad it’s beginning in an hour, sorry about that.


yeah, they just host other ppl playing beforehand :smile:


If there is, they usually do one in 55 minutes. They usually host other streamers at off times.


I might actually get to see this one live!


You’re going to be there? Jealous :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh…well no…i meant like as they were streaming it.

I usually have to catch it later on youtube.


Maybe your country has switched to summertime as well? I think this doesn’t affect US timezones so you are one hour too soon. It’s a european problem.


I made sure I saw the Behemoth and Tier 4 streams live but then rewatched them again later in case I missed anything.


They usually stream around dinner/bath time at my house so I don’t usually get to catch them live.


oh wait shit iam eu and they are 20 mins to late for me

so they should start in 40 mins right?