Is there a sale on Evolve? Why so many new people?


I ran into a lot of really low level players today on Xbox One. Why are so many people joining now? Is there a deal at gamestop? Its weird to see a userbase increase. Especially with all the doom and gloom from the PC crowd.


God only knows. And frankly I could care less.

More pubs for the stomping. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


39.99. Typical 2K price drop.


It was refreshing. They do things much different than level 40 players. Like use the med gun on someone stuck in a plant. I have not seen that one in awhile.


Yeah, makes me laugh.

Except when I’m the one who got barraged into a plant. ;-;


Ha! Good to know Im not just going crazy imagining things.


Fun destroying them as a monster

Or seeing a team of under 10s and one level 40 guy. I feel bad for the level 40 guy as he’s scrambling around keeping them alive


Had a new guy as the monster yesterday and stomped him 7 times in a row as he just kept trying to eat and ignore the fact we were gunning him down :flushed:


Am I the only one who feels bad when it’s clear people have no understanding of the game and are doing stupid things (like eating in front of hunters…)?

Seriously, I legitimately feel bad for people who lose terribly when it’s clear they are trying and just don’t know why they are bad. Unless they are jerks about it, then all my guilty feelings go away instantly.