Is there a recruiting section in this forum?


Looking for some solid hunters to boost some achievements. Dont know if im allowed to post this here so im just wondering if theres a section to recruit?


That’s super fine! I’ll rearrange your topic’s category, I’m sure a lot of people are willing to grind for achievements/masteries with you.



That one helps too, but I think this topic should stay open since it’s for a special kind of group play.


Tried gridom. No ones on. The consoles XBOX ONE


Thanks Sannom. My gamertag on xbox one is NECROSISANGEL just send me an xbox message if you want to boost some achievements. Looking for 4 for a full team and monster.


I’m on PC, sadly. But good luck gathering four achievement grinders.

Furthermore, I kind of already have everything I want ( 3 elite monster skins ).