Is there a reason why you can't fix Rock Wall?


Rockwall hasn’t worked properly since Behemoth was released. It still doesn’t work. Domes work just fine, no holes in domes but plenty of holes in Rockwall. As a Behemoth player I need Rockwall to work to block incoming hunter fire but it doesn’t work. In fact when you are actively being shot by Hunters it increases the odds that Rockwall doesn’t work. When you need it the most is when it fails the most.


This will be addressed in the next Title Update.


Domes can be walked through to a degree- So if theres a “clipping” issue its easily sorted out. If the domes falls “on” you, you can walk in or out o the dome-and are only “Trapped” from one direction if you walk into it.

This isnt a feature meant to be doable with rockwall. Can you imagine how much MORE frustrating rock wall would be if you could spawn a rockwall on a hunter, and they could freely walk through it (from any side to the other), because it was “clipping” them at the beginning?

Rock wall is a bit more complex in its demands in this regard.

From a coding perspective, as simple as it sounds, theres a LOT of clipping/spawning/creation/prioritizing issues that are amazingly difficult to actually pull off properly for an ability like rock wall. Trying to decide “where” to move things when a “solid” thing has been spawned literally right on top of you can cause ALL sorts of horrible issues.


I actually haven’t had a single rock wall issue in about two months now.

knocks on wood.


I had, every single time that fucken parnell is after my ass he just breaks my rock wall by jumping straight into it, useless ability right now imo


I still get holes all the time. Sometimes the wall doesn’t even spawn.


You cannot compare these two as they are completely different and work completely different AND have completely different purposes.

Domes work by just putting them down. No consideration for terrain, no consideration for players, no discrimination against anything. Rock Wall needs to check if Hunters are in it’s path, if Behemoth is in it’s path, if the terrain will allow it, etcetera.

Rock Wall has many factors at play.
The Dome has one, when it’s activated.

###P.S I suggest changing the OP to something that can invoke discussion. As it stands currently this is essentially just a rant about Rock Wall. You made no suggestions, this isn’t a bug report so you’re not providing new situations where this occurs, instead you have a provocative title and a post complaining about an aspect of the game.
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One of the programmers talked about this at a time, the actual reason is because they had to go into the game engine itself to change this. Its gonna be a nightmare for me to try and find the quote on my mobile though


Well it is somewhat of a rant and a question that I hope gets handled soon. TRS knows about rock wall not working properly, putting that in the bug section would be redundant. This is more of a why.


Wow, that is more than an issue in this case.



So far I heard rockwall will be “addressed” by nerfing it to just 3 slabs ;( or am I wrong ? (I very much would like to be!)


Haha, I like it :thumbsup:
If fixing rockwall is tough can we compensate this with making holes in domes?! :grinning:


Yeah thats what they are going to do. In all honesty they should have replaced that ability


Can’t call something a nerf if you don’t even know details yet. I prefer to say that it’ll get changed in a way that is more functional and less toxic. Doesn’t sound like a nerf to me when you phrase it that way. In fact they’re buffing it’s fun level with at least 50% <-- that’s just an estimate, fun level could possibly be going through the (fictional) roof.


Context is required.

1 point rock wall is also doing more damage than 3 point rockwall currently does

But more importantly- The cooldown man. its currently 8 seconds at all levels. With the TU, itll be 1.5, ONE POINT FIVE, with 2 points. The duration is coming down a second or two, but its going to be so much more spammable. Strategic walls will be a constant mechanic of his the entire match now- Not just 1 here and there. Basically as soon as the wall goes down, there will be another. Hell be constantly modifying the battlefield as he needs.


Wow… so, basically, instead of not-appearing every 8-10 seconds - now it will be not appearing every 1.5 ! :wink:

Seriously, glad to hear there are some modifications in Bob’s favor as well, not just nerf. Let’s see how it works. BTW how long is it going to stay once used ? I mean the wall.


4 seconds and change down from 6 seconds and change.

Do keep in mind TU9 has like 32 pages of changes and bug fixes- Rockwall is supposedly (knock on wood!) one that has been made more reliable.


it will all be good in TU 9.0