Is there a reason for this?


Each Assault has a third ability to amplify his damage and give him some utility. Markov has mines, which let him set up a defensive perimeter. Hyde has Toxics, which let him flush out a Monster, deny ground, and get some insane damage stacks. Torvald has the frisbee Shrapnel Grenade. Using these well grants a lot of extra damage and some sweet utility, at no self-detriment to the hunters. Markov’s mines are quick and easy to set up, The frisbee is fast as lightning to use, and Hyde’s toxics are being tweaked next patch- they will no longer slow team mates.

This leaves Parnell with Super Soldier. SS is the ONLY Assault ability that causes self harm. None of the others do- or will, come the patch- but Parnell chunks himself for a little extra damage.


I mean it’s cool and all, but it can be pretty bad. Ever fought an Elite Goliath with 3 in RT? One of those hits will leave you on next to no health. I once had a match where Parnell popped SS and got smacked by one of those. Instant down. Nothing I could do.

I think it’s rather unfair to have Parnell as the only Assault who hinders himself to use his ability. The other three don’t- why does Parnell have to self harm?

That being said, I…don’t actually care. Just wanted to point it out.

Thoughts? Should it change? Is it fine?


well the mines take some time to set up and are easy to destroy. hydes toxic grenades slow team mates (or for now they do) and torvalds mortars have a minimum range thats actually pretty signifigant . . . but no none of them really directly harm the assault other then parnells

i never use parnell because i think he is the worst assault but still that is a good point


Doesn’t really bother me much. I’ve been dropped by a rock throw once after SS. That was my mistake, because I missed my shield activation. ^.^


Mines are very fast to set up, actually. Takes all of three seconds to have a nice safety net or a nice route to push the Monster along.

I’ve stated multiple times that I’m referring to post patch.

Mortars? :stuck_out_tongue: Lol what? Also he doesn’t. You can fire them straight up and they’ll come down right on top of you.


perhaps but mines are more prepatory then reactionary. when your taking the time to set up a minefield mid battle your not damaging the monster. and that means he is essentially getting free damage. and if the person he is targeting suddenly jet pack boosted towards the waiting markov any sensible monster should notice giant blowing domes of death.which should be responded to with some ability. lava bomb fire breath vortex decoy or whatever can be used. so i guess its more when used as a reactionary thing there is a higher risk but also a good reward if you suceed

i know i know i just like to comment on all parts of the topic once they buff hyde thats gone

stupid me talking about the damn mortars when i should be talking about the frisbee of weak pointing.
the thing is essentially free extra damage except that it also has to rely on the monster if you chuck it at say the front of the monster and he isnt focusing you down that means you have no access to those weakpoints so you need to toss another. but if he DOES try to attack you again then guess what? you need another set of weakpoints so those require abit more skill i would say


You argue that they take time to set up/use effectively, and that costs you in damage done. That’s still not a direct debuff to you/your team like a health penalty is.

Furthermore, to use SS, get into a good spot and then stay on the Monster long enough to get something out of it takes more time and effort than setting up mines or throwing an extra grenade- both of those take a few seconds, maximum.


a interesting point i do exploit that quite abit. the second i see the red aura around a parnell i avoid him like the plauge. kinda neuters him. which is why i dont like him


Parnell deals insane damage and I use him quite often. I can deal damage on par with Torvald.


After the patch you won’t be able to fire them straight up


A good Parnell is beastly.


I know. But every other Assault has range limitations too. And we were discussing the frisbee.


Because it directly amplifies Parnells other abilities, and lets face it, it’s the most reliable utility item out of all four, since it doesn’t have anything to do with Monster positioning, as the item has its maximum efficiency where Parnell is supposed to be at.

Besides, the other three items have their hinderences, too - Mines are next to useless in the midst of combat, Toxic Grenades are slowing down your team, and Frisbees are amazingly random and never reach the efficiency of Laz’s rifle. So you’re basically playing a lottery of "will it be worth it to switch and throw one hoping for a hit that will allow me to deal some extra damage, or just waste time you could be shooting your other weapons.


Oh? It is entirely dependent on positioning, is it not? And a single Vortex or a well placed Rock Throw will neuter the whole thing.


I think he has it to prevent spamming the ability, though that’s a non-issue anyway with its long cooldown.

Fortunately the damage is also so small that, barring bad timing or extraordinary circumstances, it is pretty much a non-factor while the Medic lives and isn’t Lazarus.


Yes, but it can be pretty brutal at times. Especially when it culminates with the Monster using a high DPS chunk attack. I once had my Assault go down from that, nothing I could do.


I’ve always disliked the health penalty when using SS, but I’m not sure removing it will make Parnell OP. I think probably not though, so I’m all for removing that penalty.


Not really, as someone said, it doesn’t make a difference to be honest, except when used at the worst of times where it gives the Monster an unfair advantage.


Get hit by a Shrapnel, turn around in such a way the team can’t hit it.

Get a grenade thrown at you, move out of it.

Get a mine placed, never run into it/ destroy it.

But SS can’t be negated with positioning that way. You actually need to focus the damned Assault to negate it. Which wastes potential damage you could’ve dealt to someone more vital.

It’s not entirely free of positioning, but it’s the least affected.


You also have to waste an ability to crush mines. In a toxic cloud, you need to bail- which often entails abandoning the target you had focused to avoid damage- and as for turning away from Shrapnel- you can’t fight backwards. :stuck_out_tongue:


We could go on like this forever, so I’m going to end this with mere numbers - look at how much extra damage do people confer during SS compared to damage done by Arc Mines, Toxic Grenades, and the amped damage from Shrapnel Grenades.