Is there a possibility for a story mode?


This Is Stage 2 Man!! The future is bright for evolve, I know evacuation was taken out (and from what I understand the plan is to re-add it at a later time I think?) but Is there any chance for a real story mode to be developed? I would imagine not, but there’s no way of me knowing such things for sure without asking. I always hoped that if there was an evolve 2, that there would be a story mode because the lore of this world TRS has created is just so rich and deep, or at the least if some sort of spinoff game was made that focused on the story a little bit, that would be so cool


Yeah, I wouldnt see an story mode until Evolve 2. Who knows how long that will be.


One day, perhaps. Should the devs rule that there is nothing else they can really add, or in whatever sequel we get, a true campaign may be present. I wouldn’t count on it within the foreseeable future, though.


Yeah I thought as much too, Just trying to stay hopeful is all. Its really not that much of an issue considering how amazing the current content is atm