Is there a point where DR players become less and less?


I have been playing a while and seem to get alot of players that are Determining Rank players, Does this eventually become less frequent?

I’m not complaining I’m just curious, they cant be fun to stalk and screw around with, but on the other hand I lose I lose a lot more points,

I am the higher end of bronze and seem to see more DR’s, When you reached higher ranks where you still pitted against DR’s? cheers


Don’t you mean DR?


lol shit yea :confused: dont know where i got dt from lol


Hope you dont mind, but ive fixed the typo.


last 2 matches I played I killed the teams in seconds because they are determining ranks, I dont mind winning but when I get to silver players I’m pretty ill prepared from the constant playing with lower rank players,

the best way to get better is play players that are better than you,


Dont mind at all, Just must have gotten it from De then Termining, I am on this whilst playing the game so thats my excuse :slightly_smiling:


I’ve not seen any DRs in a long time now. I constitently get Silvers (the odd Bronze team when I’ve had to wait too long).


I never ever see DR players.


I dont really see them anymore. Actually i almost never see bronze players anymore either. Mostly silver expert to silver elite teams are what im matched up against


I am at 69% wins, almost silver skilled, I have 122 point out of 150 to get ranked up or promoted, I would have expected to see more silver games than DR at this stage or even higher ranking bronze players, not all DR teams are bad, Some put up a fight but the idea of the glicko system is to make it challenging which is why I would expect higher level bronze players and silver matches every now and then,

I dont mind losing so long as I can progress after the initial bombardment and I would say since its a ranking system other people would be the same way, I just find it odd, I’m really just trying to get a better understanding of the game, I cant recommend a game to people and not know what the hell is going on after spending as much time playing :slightly_smiling:


Are you silver destroyer or elite?


Around the two ranks. Silv Dest Hunter, Monster I was Silv Dest, but went down recently to Elite-Master after a few terrible games. I used to see some DRs when I was around 0-100 games played, but after that I didn’t see them anymore (I’m at around 250-300 games played currently)


What monster do you play as? I consistently use Goliath, He can be quite a pain in the ass but hes cool


Been a Kraken main since I unlocked him, a week after release. (minus the few months I mained Goliath in the middle)


I always get them. It’s the reason that I’m salty towards ranked. I always get a DR on my team, then the other players are just Bronze league with 20 hours in the game.

As for it going away? No. When new players buy the game, they go on ranked, not quick play.