Is there a place i can report abusive and threatening behaviour?

is there anywhere i can report people for being abusive and threatening?

Like in wow where people get 1 day to 1 week bans etc if they break terms and conditions.

It was probably just someone being nasty but id be happier if there was someone keeping an eye on people who think its cool to make death threats.


I really hope this is getting worked on too. A report option, even like csgo, it has options for abusive language, hacking, griefing etc.


Was it directed towards you?

I think you can report it to steam.
Not sure what they would do though

i think so.

Steam doesn’t do shit, don’t waste your time.

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Yeah didn’t think they did I just know of the option

In the meantime, message a staff, a moderator or someone. If you have any actual information, from a recording or a screenshot of the text, and then send that to them as well.
They can make sure it gets to the right people and is investigated. That is all that can be done right now, there is no system in the game unfortunately.

If you don’t have something like that then there is nothing you can do really at all, except avoid them in the future.


At least in my country Evolve is for mature people. 18+ and WoW as you took as example is for 12+.

Every mature should get a long with insulting.

Sure it’s not nice if some1 wishes anybody bad things, but the devs have better things to do than just adding a report button for bad people.