Is there a new cheat around or did hunters get an insane damage buff I'm not aware of?


So I just got back to playing Evolve after a couple months break and boy was I surprised in a few matches. Was there some insane buff to hunter damage, a new cheat or is there something I’m not getting?

I’ve played a few games now where hunters will do absolutely insane damage. The kind of damage when in the duration of 1 leap I lose half of stage 1 armor on Goliath. And I’m not exaggerating. I leap from behind cover to behind another cover in order to mitigate damage, and I literally lose 1/3 to 1/2 of my armor, so 3-4 bars. In a span of 1-1.5 seconds.

I just had a game where Parnell, with 2 rockets and 3 shotgun shots, took down 5 full armor bars off me before I pounced him. His team wasn’t in line of sight or able to shoot me. Same game, 1 (not direct) hit from Hank’s barrage took off 2 armor bars and a full healthbar. And near the end 2 of Parnell’s rockets took down half of a health bar (again he was the only one with line of sight on me, and neither rocket hit me directly but the ground next to me). I also had Hank take down 2 armor bars in the span of 1-1.5 seconds with just his laser cutter.

And this is just the last out of half a dozen matches like that since I started playing. I get domed, turn back, leap to the nearest hunter and I’m already down from full armor to 1-2 bars. This is the type of damage I’m talking about. The type where even if I’m mitigating damage, even if during the whole dome the hunters only get a few seconds of clear shots on me and I still lose full armor and half health.

What the hell is going on?


Actually there was a complete opposite.

Might need to get back into the game before you make a thread about this.


Torvald is right. Get back into the swing of things before you start complaining about damage.


Damage has stayed relatively the same. You’re probably just rusty.


Actually, I am certain damage has increased. But not because of stat changes. Hunters are just way better at the game now


Were you playing against the new support hunter Kala? She has an armor reducer which is surprising at first. But you get the armor back.


there are so many new cheats for this game introduced in TU 8 that it broke the game. Ppl just cheating every day of their lives.


At first I thought I was just rusty, yeah.

But even when the entire dome I barely get shot at for a few seconds and come out half dead, it seems like more than just me being rusty. Yeah, I know, on PC hunter damage is way too strong relative to precision as good players can make nearly every shot hit, but losing half my armor during a 1-1.5 second leap? You can’t tell me that’s just me being rusty. Hell, I don’t even know how that’s possible.

And I was playing vs mostly Wasteland Maggie/Hank/Val builds. I know WM does a lot of damage but tbh currently it feels like I’m taking at least double damage from everyone. In the past, even with Cabot on the team, I could jump in, fight for 4-5 seconds, down a person and run, and still have a sliver of armor left. Now I do that even without Cabot and I lose full armor and a significant amount of health.


I got that impression as well compared to how things worked at Evolve launch and in the first month.
Hunter damage is way higher and bursty, and abilities are way more powerful than before… and somehow people and monsters are still winning games according to the telemetry.
I personally find it really hard as the monster, but I still win some games.
The metagame has evolved, you’ll need to get used to that.


@Fellow_Hoodlum - i kind of have to agree with you.

I noticed a sudden change about a week ago. I have been playing Evolve every day, for 270 hours, consistently, and i got my monster stats to more or less 50 / 50…even better than 50/50 because i started making back the losses i got when i was making my first games and only lost.

Then, i noticed a sudden change in gameplay, when i couldnt win a single game against certain group(s) of hunters( not elite ), and … could barely give hunters half a health bar worth of damage.( even in s2 and s3 ).

similarly to @Fellow_Hoodlum, i used goliaths leap jump and then charge, to get to the hunters from cover, and well, by the time i landed and reached them , most of my armor was gone( not because of kala ).

If someone asked what would have it taken for me to win those matches, id say … 2-3 times more health and armor, at least. ( not 2-3 blocks of armor but 2-3 times the total armor ).

So, i thought that maybe the goliath has been neutered in a patch or something, and made some games against AI, and well, won with full hp and lost almost no armor.

Well, it may have sounded a bit like a rant, bit it wasnt :), im just curious how can there be so huge differences in gameplay.
Is there a specific combination of hunter classes and perks that have massive damage. ( like lenox with 4 times lance multiplier + damage perk + damage amp + hitting armor weakening targets )

  1. They’ve made dome mitigation near impossible to encourage fighting.

  2. Not fighting Hunters is a good way to die.

  3. PC Players deal more damage.

  4. That’s a very damaging comp.

  5. You’re rusty, they’re experienced.

And I can keep going why this much damage is done.


Would need to see video.


Get some vids up if you can.
Dome mitigation is still perfectly viable and a lot of the time if you don’t do that then you’re dead.

They did try to encourage more fighting but it didn’t work and getting to s3 with Goliath is one of the best ways to stand a chance at winning. Hopefully the new patch succeeds with the more fighting idea.


Try playing hunters, if you feel monsters are currently UP. It takes a lot of work to get those high damage numbers.


No! I’m Rusty!


If his description of the events is accurate, it’s cheating, not rust. It would do you well to be a little less condescending.


I’m sorry but this sounds like quite the exaggeration, and as much as you don’t want to hear it, I’m almost sure there was a reason behind this; for example fighting comps using all damage perk or maybe they just had the buff? Who knows maybe it’s got something to do with all this talk of inconsistent damage lately.


idk about damage, but ESP and aimbotting are still a major pain in quick play matches. never see it in ranked… only quick play.


Well with all the new high damage variants along with easy damage based hunters damage overall is higher.


idk if it was a damage buff as of now. i came back right when EK came out and boy the hunters put out crazy damage on EK but i did pretty well with other monsters. i lost full armor in most domes but never really faced death unless i was elder kraken and i was desecrating hunters in some matches but still losing CRAZY health. But then again im very far behind on this post.