Is there a new Behemoth skin in the works?


It seems that it’s been awhile since the last Behemoth skin came out and I’ve been hoping to see some new color for him. I think it would be cool to see a Marble or Diamond skin.


Ohhh man. I am already salivating thinking about a new Bob skin. Would love to have another one. Side note my nephew has a pet Rock named Bob. Makes me laugh.


ummm make it pink


Well we already have a purple one…

I say a bright white color. Nothing like a giant flaming snowball crushing you.


Yeti snowball Behemoth confirmed.


Next it will have to be poop color. Shades of brown and green…

Rolling flaming poop balls coming to crush you.


The Flaming Turd Behemoth?


If Behemoth never gets an Adaption, I hope TRS considers ‘Legendary Skins’ that make ability colors change. Would love a blue Behemoth that left blue fiery footprints, shot blue Lava Bombs, a giant blue Rockwall that looked like ice, etc.



And he would leave uh… stains as he rolls about and on the Hunters.


Evolve needs a community skin workshop that people can upload and vote on skins that way all the work can be focused on things other than skins. (and I really want to do my own skins for fun)


Yeah that would be nice however i fear it may go into legal things that would make the workshop a problem


This is something that was mentioned to me about how legally they can’t take anything made by the community? I mean there is obviously a valid reason for it but it sounds so unbelievably stupid!?

Only reason I can think is if someone from the community creates something, they use it and then that person threatens to sue.

Then wouldn’t you just make it so if it is submitted it is then legal property of TRS/2K?

Other games do it so why would it be a legal issue stopping it?


They can take everything on this site and call it their own, then sell it. Perfectly legally.

The thing is, there will be people that get up in arms about it and try to take legal action, despite the futility. That’s what TRS wants to avoid. They’re allowed, and could if they wanted to, but it takes time to deal with and puts a bit of a damper on their reputation for ‘stealing’ their fans work if a fuss gets made.


So if i want to allow trs to use my ideas i could simply declare that my ideas aren’t mine and that can be used by trs?


You’d have to sign/agree to a legally binding contract (more so than you did when you signed up here) that explicitly prohibits you from pursuing any legal action against TRS or 2K.

But that wouldn’t be worth the effort, as I promise you that nothing that has been thought up here hasn’t already been considered by TRS.


That sounds so silly in the most respectful way possible. Even if I signed a legal document or whatever? Or simply stated with my work that is can be used by TRS? I can’t imagine someone making something epic for TRS, they use it and that person going ape shit about it.


@PietroTheCzar You wouldn’t even have to do that. If you created and posted it on these forums, they legally own it. Don’t need any kind of permission.

@GrizzleMarine It is kinda silly, but it’s their policy. Some people will inevitably feel that if their idea makes money, they should be entitled to it, regardless of whatever they sign. Someone will always throw a fit.

This was the whole issue with the community-created monster thread a while back. Even though anything created here belongs to the studio, someone will try to get money because they feel they had a part in the design process and they think they deserve it.


Maybe only consider the ideas from the most trusted Forum Members through the PM system?

I can see where the legality issue would come into place though from just out in the open “So we like this so we gonna take this and use this and make money from it.” but if they make it a community challenge skin where one doesn’t pay for it then that would be interesting.

Oh well, one can dream.


I think me and @GrizzleMarine derailed a bit the topic going from skin to general ideas about general contents not only skins. I think this legal problem would be more for new characters than new skins since a character is more accurate as idea than a skin unless it’s photoshopped as sample. Everyone could say “hey what about a green bob skin?” Its too general as idea but if you look at some concepts around the thread about new character, well that’s more accurate as idea and not everyone could make such concept so spontaneously


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