Is there a manual ? Unlock tree and pictures of maps etc


Is there a manual ?

Would like to know the unlock tree, have pictures of maps etc …




Both Prima and BradyGames have strategy guides.


Thanks for that Mountain.

A shame to have to pay for unlock and progression info tho :frowning:




Have you tried GameFaqs or something similar? Eventually that information will be available for free.


Try the Evolve Wiki :smile:


Thanks Brandini, it’s incomplete as yet, the wiki.

No worries, as Mountain says it will come.

But Mountains are notoriously paitient ;+}




[quote=“DeepCut, post:1, topic:39358”]
Is there a manual?[/quote]

Yes, but only with basic information.
However, this certainly is a one of the better 2K manuals:


You should be able to pictures of all of the maps (not sure about defend maps) on there, but IDK about the progression


Not this mountain. I bought the Prima digital guide. :wink:


Haha, nice one :smile:


Does it tell you the tech-tree, so to speak ? Map images ?




Yes it does.

Some have mentioned that the damage/health numbers are incorrect but all the other information is there and it works great on my phone.

Edit: Here’s a screen shot of the contents page.