Is there a diffrence for Founders and Founders with DLC?


Will people who have the DLC along with the base game get anything extra other than the hunters they already had unlocked?


Nope, I believe there’s either Founder or nothing. No in-between’s other than characters being unlocked.


Wow, Thanks Devs for showing your appreciation to the people who spent extra money on your game. I’m fine with the game being free to play now but there should be something more for those who put more into the game. The amount of keys you get are also a joke since it doesn’t take that long to earn them. Basically I am getting some badges for all my money and effort.


You get more free stuff going forward the more you bought beforehand. Adaptations are free for founders for content they already owned.


The amount of keys you get is small sure, but you’re also getting all the characters you had before, which if you transfer to the keys those would be worth and then the skins so really you’re getting tens if not hundreds of thousands of keys. I really don’t understand what more you want. They’ve even stated there will be more rewards for “Founders” moving forward.


I understand the founders get these perks but for those who also purchased additional content through DLC should get something extra for that as well, especially if they are giving those characters away for free now. They are saying that someone who paid 100’s of dollars for the game should have the same benefits and rewards as those who just bought the base game and that simply is not fair.


There are two ways to alleviate the issue that is being discussed.

  1. Create “future rewards” based on how much you spent on the game previously, this means people have to wait an unknown amount of time to get things other’s will have to play for. The PCMR version should get the most future content.

  2. Just give a lump sum of silver keys based on how much people spent on the game and be done with it.

Number 2 is the cleanest way and solves the issue upfront. Many people do not want to wait, it worked well for HiRez in Tribes Ascend. Both ways are fair, one is quicker to alleviate the salt though.

My idea:

  • If you bought the base game ($60) it gives you Tier 1 2 and 3 unlocked automatically

  • If you bought the base game ($60) = Four characters worth of silver keys

  • Every 10 dollars worth of DLC gives you = 1 character worth of silver keys

  • Monster Race game = 4 additional characters worth of silver keys

  • Auto level founders to level required for ranked play, auto unlocks perks/skins for them as well

Something like this, doesn’t need to be exactly like this but you get the idea.


What’s this founder thing people speak of


If you bought the game before it went free to play


I feel like if we get a tier 6 release, those who bought the DLC should get them for free instantly instead of having to work for them but anyone who bought the base game or only joined once it went f2p should have to work for them, Just my thoughts on it tho :slight_smile:

Dont mean to sound ungrateful though, im currently quite happy with how the f2p transition has been handled :stuck_out_tongue: