Is there a difference between meteor and normal Goliath?

Is there any difference between the normal Goliath and meteor Goliath because when I fought it, it seemed to do more damage?

Yes, Macman said that the abilities have some kind of twist to them, but I don’t think anyone has figured out what it is yet.

Every attack has a burning effect, DOT is stronger I believe with less direct damage.


The meteor Goliath also seemed to move faster when using its charge move?or is it just me

Do we have like numbers ? for the damage.

how much does meteor’s DOT damage ? and how much reduction in normal abilities damage compared to normal goliath ?

Norm Goliath is stronger in power with his abilities. M. Goliath has weaker abilities (with the exception of fire breath I Think) but they set the hunters on fire, damaging them over time. Other than that it’s really the space Godzilla version of Golaith.

Less burst, but he is dealing DOT-damage with each ability. Leap Smash and Fire Breath got more range, Rock Through is faster, Charge least longer (hier range), his jumps are faster. He got increased CD at each ability and stamina.

Meteor does more overall damage with the burns. I don’t have specific damage numbers in this video, but you can see health bar damage comparisons.

Did some tests, elite goliath, CDR picked- 1 point into charge with MG measured 300 damage, 1 point into leap measured 332 damage, 1 point into flame got me 300 damage, 1 point into rock got me 643 damage (direct hit, yes, 643).

Most of these were tested multiple times to verify numbers.

These numbers were done against a hunter.

Again, elite base goliath- So mastery Was involved with this (rock)

These do NOT account for meteor goliaths burn damage after the ability hits.