Is there a date set for proper matchmaking patch?


Honestly, I just can’t stand it anymore. Two bots, shitty players, roles I don’t want, fucking Lazarus everywhere…

I just don’t enjoy the game anymore as it is right now, please. I can’t even play monster because I always get a fucking Tier One character in a In-Progress Session. It’s just unbearable lately. :frowning:

Edit: Just set a timer and I’m now breaking the the ten minute mark in which I only encountered lobbies that were hopelessly lost, never giving me my role and the game crashing. Nice.


Lazarus everywhere doesn’t mean the matchmaking is broken, it means someone chose him.


Well I guess let’s hope ranked mode helps all this, but nothing is even being said about ranked mode.


why would they fix the matchmaking when there’s only 100 people left playing the game?


I mentioned it because I want to play monster since it’s the only role where I am not relying on all these shitty players (I am either unlucky or this game has the weakest playbase ever) and every time I consider just sticking it out it gets topped off by Lazarus. It’s just the rotten cherry on top.


I just don’t get how them fixing matchmaking will affect someone picking Laz. Unless they fix it to the point where you can choose to not be paired against him, which is absurd.

I don’t know which platform you are playing on, but last night on PS4 I was getting put into some fantastic hunter groups. All 4 of us were level 40 with mics, and were having a ton of fun taking down some monsters. And, the Laz bug seemed to have gotten better b/c we were using him and getting some really good revives.


Nah, it doesn’t. It just pisses me off that he’s on my team all the time when I don’t even WANT to be hunter at all. Like, man, it sucks never getting monster. But okay, I am trying to pull through that shit and then I have to deal with that terrible, terrible character too. If matchmaking was working properly (as in - Get the role you want) than I wouldn’t have to deal with that, you know? That’s what I mean.


[quote=“Lyrix4D, post:1, topic:55394, full:true”] Fucking Lazarus everywhere…

That got a legitimately lol from me. Brilliant.


Lol guys I don’t think Lazarus was the main focus of his post.

It’s mostly just luck unfortunately. Sometimes I get put with good hunters, and sometimes like last night I just get rage inducing pugs.

As for never getting monster, that does suck. I would recommend not playing evac, cause if you land hunter, you will be stuck as him for the whole evac. It will not move you. Skirmish will swap people around and you may not get to be the monster 5 times in a row, but you should get him a few times. The system tries to alternate between people who share the same priorities.

I don’t forsee a matchmaking update. Not even ranked play. They player base just isn’t big enough right now. Take the 600 people online, divide them by rank, and you end up with just a handful of people in some brackets.