Is there a cap on perks or some kind of dimishing returns?


devs pls help us oh god


No one understands the perk system.

It is leveled up by character progression and your own personal level progression.

but we (no one) seems to know who levels up what.


Perks stack with themselves.

First point unlocks it, second and third point(s) give bonuses to them. For instance, if you get the poison claw perk at 1 point and mix & match it with the poison claw perk with 1 point at the third tier, you do a total of 45 poison damage/s over 3s.

Not much else to it than that. It IS true that more than 1 point will give you less, however. Still, it’s better to get all you can squeeze out of it.


im talking about perks stack with other perks not the same one being leveled up