Is there a bug you don't want TRS to fix?


I like the two monsters bug because it’s the only thing that lets two monsters be in a gamemode. Are there any bugs you like/take advantage of that you hope TRS doesn’t fix? I also like when Behemoth freezes time and space.

I’m not saying TRS should leave bugs in i’m just saying if a bug helps you win you’re probably gonna enjoy it or might find a certain bug funny.


What is this question man? Are you [redacted] or what?

Can someone close this topic, please?

@TheMountainThatRoars for example.


I wish they hadn’t fixed the Ebonstar soldier bug, I got that once, dropped in as a Ebonstar replacing an Abe, that Kraken had no idea what hit him ^.-


Are you a [redacted] or what? And why not just stay off it then?


Yeah i liked that bug xD


Let’s keep it civil. :slight_smile:


Sorry xD that word strikes a nerve (That sloth used)


yeah use a trigger warning next time, this is the internet i DO NOT want to be offended here!!!


Might aswell close this thread xD