Is there a anti boosting measure in evolve


Is that a thing and playing custom games where say the monster reaches stage 3 then the hunters hide would that count?


What’s anti boosting?


Something that won’t let you boost with friends like say reseting your account of all mastery


The answer is no. There is no anti-boosting.


Here we go. Another person who will help destroy the meaning of “Elite”


“Elite” has a meaning? As far as I’m concerned “Elite” means White for Monsters and Blackish Blue with Gold and White Stars and Stripes (just needs red and we have Murica) for Hunters.

Oh and an overall 10% Advantage over all the noobs.

If “Elite” ever had a good meaning it was lost in Custom Games.


Yes, that was my point. Customs or even solo award progress towards Masteries. People justify this with things like “Well, some of them are just so ridiculous that if you try to get them your game performance will suffer” my reply “That’s ultimately the point. The fact that game play suffers as a result just shows that you are not or should not be capable of doing it, therefore the skin and stat increase are not for you. They are for the ‘Elite’ players that manage to accomplish the challenges because of gaming skill” No one ever listens to the Umbruh though


The Devs balanced the game around elite level abilities, they are meant for everyone who puts in time using the ability. They were never meant as a status symbol or a sign of superior skill. This is why everyone will have elite abilities for all characters when playing Hunt 2.0 after the Title Update tomorrow. They also made it possible to earn elite using solo and custom, which tells you it was not meant as a sign of skill, but rather a sign that a play has put time in with that ability and should be familiar with its use.

If you want bragging rights you should look toward the leader board for ranked, or competitive Evolve like TGL or ESL cups and majors.

@goliath432 There is nothing preventing you from earning credit toward ability stars in a custom match with friends or solo. You cannot improve your leaderboard standing in custom matches, only the standard online pvp modes.


Fair enough, the only problem is


Your first paragraph is pretty much a reiteration of what I said.


Well the thing that I don’t like about some of the masteries is that the only way to complete them is when your team suffers.

For example getting two Revives with Daisie as Maggie in a single match or Reviving teammates with the Medgun/Healing Nades/Slim’s Bug is the only way to make progress.

So you then have two choices. Either do what you can to keep them from ever going down but make no progress or risk killing your teammates because you want them incapped so you can revive them in a special way (but you risk them dying or getting revived by another Teammate or Reviving them with a Heal Burst all the while another member might be getting focused).

I hate how the Masteries can be completed Solo and in Customs BUT I did do some of them in Customs so as to avoid “Well I do need progress on my Mastery… SACRIFICE!!!”


That exact reason is why I said this. I also added.


Your wording on the matter seems off…


Which part? The Umbruh or the reason why I think Customs and Solo shouldn’t award mastery?


Well the part I guess where you think Solos and Customs shouldn’t reward Masteries upon reading seems like it’s okay for Public Games to suffer from a challenge step. Even though it’s in quotation marks that how I read it.

Not that @TAYLOE or I didn’t read what you posted but more so how we read it due to wording.


You still miss the point. I don’t think ti should. If you are good enough to complete the challenges without jeopardizing your matches, then you deserve those skins. If you either; have to play against bots or boost with players that don’t move. Or play pubs with the sole purpose of completing the challenges, so much so that you end up losing badly, and not even trying to win. Then those skins and stats are not for you. The are “Elite” skins, not “I have lots of free time” skins.


So you do think that Pubs should suffer for these challenges then…

Which they aren’t even ever challenging (except maybe Headshots with Val).

Why should I have a 2-10% less effective Medgun than the guy who max boosted his Medgun in a custom because I keep my team alive without them ever going down?

It seems unfair though. I’d have to make my team suffer in order to complete the challenge. Samething for Slim’s Bug Revives. Why should I have to have let 50 teammates (before they adjusted the requirement) just to max it out? It seems counter productive. “Oh you want to make progress? Let your team die first!”

It has nothing to do with “skill” but more so just who would be in the right spot at the right time. While I hate the idea of boosting in private games I hate counter productive challenges even more.


Nope. I have said numerous times that gameplay should not be affected. And if you can’t do it without ruin a match, then the skins aren’t for you.

Then why can’t you do them legitimately?

you shouldn’t because that guy shouldn’t have boosted to max in customs. That’s my point.

You shouldn’t. It’s not “Oh, here. Do this and get a nice skin and increased stats” it’s “Yo, you good? You think so don’t you? Prove it. Go ahead. Need some incentive? Ok, tell you what. You do these challenges, you’ll get a nice skin and better stats. Good luck.”

It does.

It takes skill to meet these requirements and then to take advantage of them.

There not counter productive. They are challenges, they are not contracts. They are meant to be difficult.


Because legit takes a ton of time for some characters.


They are challenges. They aren’t meant to be something that you can do in 1 hour with a little bit of luck.


Wow… just wow…

So it takes “skill” for a teammate to become incapped and THEN Heal them to make progress on a “challenge” where as in the first place YOU AS THE MEDIC should have kept that from happening in the first place like a GOOD MEDIC. Because letting them die first is more “skillful” than keeping up to full HP at all times.

It takes “skill” to have 50 teammates get downed and then pick them up with a Bug at the cost of a strike.

It takes “skill” to find a pack of animals as Markov and make progress on the chaining ability of the Lightning Gun for an absurd amount of damage when you REALLY need to be focused on tracking the Monster which wouldn’t have any nearby targets to chain onto or from in the first place.

It takes “skill” to let Daisy revive incapped teammates in a match where you have no control over what Daisy does and when you should’ve been doing your job in the first place and controlling the Monster to AVOID someone getting downed in the first place.

It takes “skill” to shield a teammate ONLY when they are about to die rather than ahead of time and making the shield take the Rock Throw instead of Vals face because she has “enough” health.

Some of these challenges are NOT skill based. They are “Oh you fucked up but at least now you can work on this challenge!” where you shouldn’t be screwing up in the first place.

If this is your logic then there isn’t much more left to be said here and I have better things to do than argue about something that shouldn’t even be argued about in the first place because of the flaws within a system.

Edit: Here @MidnightRoses I want your opinion on this matter.

Sure I get some of the requirements are challenges like Headshot damage which is fine but challenges that require a screwup in order to complete are not a “skill” based challenge and honestly shouldn’t even be a thing.