Is the Wraith Decoy supposed to be destructible?



Wraith Decoy

Community feedback led us to refactor the Decoy ability for Wraith. Decoy now will no longer grant invisibility for Wraith. Now once activated, the newly rebuilt Decoy AI will select the closest target and go into attack mode. The Decoy has a health value and timer that begins after casting the ability. If either of these reach zero, the Decoy will disappear. Be on the lookout for Wraith’s new ability!

According to this the new Decoy has a health value? If so, it doesn’t have a health bar like the Gorgon clone does and I’ve never managed to shoot it down like I have with the Gorgon clone.


I don’t think it shows but it’s surely their. I have kill a Decoy a few times


Does anyone know how big its health pool is? It’s sturdy enough to last through a couple seconds of focus fire.


Decoy is killable, just like Gorgon’s mimic


There is no health bar or the decoy would have been even more obvious than it is now. Other than that, since a timer is also not visible, it’s possible you just don’t notice when it lasts shorter than it’s supposed to.


@chrono If you don’t have this then I’ll stop tagging you :joy:


It’s around 1600 as far as I can tell.

is this correct?


The health is 700 at rank 1 and 800 at rank 2 and 3.


Wow. I was way off. I knew I accidentally shot the real Wraith while testing but I didn’t it was that much.


I should have just double checked the first time, because now I’m getting around 900, and again a few stray bullets hit the wraith.


I could see it flashing when it’s hit, as hitting Decoy flashes it anyways. Nothing long, same time it takes to flash white, if it’s hit often you’d see the bar just fine