Is The Witcher 3 Any Good?


I fancy a new game to play since I got my PC and preferably a free-roam game that will keep me entertained for many hours each day.

I’ve been deciding between Far Cry: Primal or The Witcher 3 but the reviews for FC:P seem a bit off-putting.

If anyone has either of these I’d appreciate input to help me make a choice :smile:


From what I hear it is insanely fun. I have it but I need to make sure I have time to play it.


I’d recommend the witcher. Haven’t played far cry primal so I can’t really comment on that.

The witcher will last you a very long time and has a high replayability value. There’s a few ways of building your character that change the way you fight and handle enemies. It is quite a challenging game which is where a lot of the fun comes from for me, and there’s also a new game plus mode. The decisions you make actually do have an impact on how bits of the story play out. It’s just an amazing story and a fantastic experience. :slight_smile:


Witcher 3 was GotY 2015 for Gameinformer.

Haven’t played it myself, that’s pretty much all I know about it.


Soooooooooooooo good. <3 Witcher 3. You can stick to just the golden path (main storyline) or spend a lot of time exploring. I personally put the game on Easy for the first playthrough so that I could enjoy the world/stories without worrying too much about the combat. I don’t know about it on PC, but the loads on PS4 could be brutal post-death, so I got tired of reloading pretty fast.

Very special world, fun to navigate, fun to craft, and find loot. Lots of neat little areas, and a lot of time spent feeling like a bad ass.

Do it.


Thanks for input everyone, from the sounds of it The Witcher 3 is pretty good so I’ll most likely get that rather than FC:P!

Is there any DLC and if so, would that also be worth getting too? :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed about the loading times. Only negative thing I can really think of really.

As far as dlc @xPredators, there’s one out at the moment called Hearts of Stone. I haven’t played it yet as I started a new game plus so the recommended level for the starting quest for the dlc is 60 (I’m 47?). On your first playthrough the starting quest for it will be level 30. It looks awesome though and adds 10 hours of gameplay if I remember correctly.

The second one is Blood and Wine and is being released later this year, but in the first half of the year. Not much is known about it, but I’ve heard it will add about another 20 hours of gameplay I think.

Seems worth it to me. :slight_smile:


Sounds good, I’ll probably buy the season pass if there is one then, thanks! :smiley:


Well, it all depends on what you want from the game. If you want to immerse yourself in really deep and different world, you wanna go Witcher 3. If you just want to have an ability to mess around and do random things, go Far Cry. The thing is if you played Far Cry 3 or Blood Dragon, it’s almost same thing, but a different setting. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s “more of the same”. Witcher 3 on the other hand, is not an easy game thematically. I’m not even talking about sex in the game. I’m talking about themes it touches like racism, sexism and morality choices and consequences of actions you take - or don’t. If you can allow yourself to think a little more at what you are doing, who you are and why things happen, it can really make you feel the world, and what a dark world it is. It’s awesome.
This trailer shows so good what theme is in the game. It’s rough, it’s dark but you are the one who can choose on many aspects. Not all of the outcomes you will like though… After all, you are just a man…

Witcher 3 - 9/10 (new and awesome)
Far Cry 4 - 7/10 (only because of fatigue the series have had IMO)


No problem. There’s loads of free dlc that they released weekly after release by the way. Take a look at the add-ons when you do get it. It’s just a couple of missions, outfits for a few other characters, armour for geralt (you don’t get it straight away, you find it or buy it like other armour) etc. Hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:


There is NO comparison.

Witcher 3

I have over 100 hrs in the game and I still haven’t been everywhere… or started on the first expansion lol

Best Open World and/or RPG I’ve ever played. I pretty much haven’t touched Skyrim since Witcher 3 came out last June.


Hearts of Stone has been excellent. I haven’t finished it yet because I got distracted by other games, but I was really enjoying it.


Honestly… I didn’t like the Character movement or fighting mechanics at all. But I haven’t been involved in the story of the games, I only picked it up because it was 20$ lol


I don’t know why, despite The Witcher’s critical praise, I haven’t even been able to get into any of them. The combat system seems so odd and unlike anything i’ve tried before. Geralt also kind of seems like a block of wood that walks around pretending to be a man. I’ve played the beginning of all 3 games, but maybe that’s not enough to get a good sense of the actual games.


Combat system in Witcher 1 was, imho, horrible. It took a lot of getting used to and it didn’t feel intuitive. I admittedly played very little of Witcher 2. It seemed to have some of the same issues, though it wasn’t quite as bad.

Witcher 3 streamlined a lot of the combat systems they had in that Geralt automatically switches to the sword type that you need. You may be able to turn that off if you want the extra challenge, but I liked it.

You can view 3 as a different game, really. It didn’t maintain a whole lot from the previous installments.


hmmmm maybe I will give 3 another try then. I can get an essentially free copy, so there’s no harm either way.


If I remember correctly the combat system was redone by a modder for witcher 1 and/or 2. A lot of people that tried the mod loved it. He did such a good job on it that he got offered a job to help create witcher 3’s combat system. I think that’s why people like witcher 3’s combat system better than the first two.

I don’t know how bad the old combat systems were because I’ve never played any witcher games but I heard they were pretty bad.


There were a lot of menus to go through to do magic or anything besides melee with a sword, then you’d realize you were using a silver sword for a human and have to manually switch.

It’s so much better now.

And the game can read almost as a separate installment like @snowkissed said; you don’t need to have finished the first two because they do a good job setting up and giving you a backstory to work with.


The witcher 3 is the best game to come out for the PS4 and Xbox1. There’s 100+ hours of story to it and that’s not even counting the dlc. Definitely buy it.


If you get witcher for PC do yourself a favor and get a controller. It makes 3rd person action games a lot easier.