Is the watermark really necessary?


I’m asking is the watermark really that necessary? I prefered when there was no watermark in the bottom right corner. It makes the weapon menu look bad, why not make it smaller and put it bottom left? Why not get rid of it? It’s distracting… Also if I click play on Evolve Stage 2 I know what I’m playing, I don’t need to be reminded by a watermark.


This game is still going through a beta phase. Most of the time in betas, there will be a watermark to remind you of this, this is also good for, when showing gameplay footage on youtube or something, the viewers know that what they are seeing is beta content.

When this game finished going through beta, and is release on consoles as well, there will no longer be the beta watermark.


That shit is all about making screenshots.


You’re both right, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s distracting…