Is the two airbursts using up the third stamina bar intended?


@MacMan @MrStrategio
Or is this a bug?

Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)

I’d like to know this as well. It feels weird if it’s intentional, as if any Monster needs this sort of mobility dock, it’s the Wraith. Kraken is already a giant floating target without it having a quarter of the stamina as the other Monsters.


Yea, he’s already the slowest when it comes to traversal, as well as leaving a giant glowing trail…and being extremely noisy.


When you shoot into the air it uses one bar of stamina.


If you’re running and forwards, it’ll use one bar, if you then burst again it’ll use another bar, and then the last bar will disappear


actually the jetpacks slowly drains while descending. thats why you can only boost three times, not four.


We are talking about Kraken’s Airburst ability, bro.


3rd bar. Stamina. Airburst.

Kraken. :smiley:


well, best thread description ever then! congratulations.


Hunters have 4 bars not 3, as well as no stamina or airburst. :wink:


Are you getting annoyed at me or something? Because that’s what it sounds like.


A giant floating target that is a pain to hit with short-ranged Assault weaponry, I nitpick.


no, sorry. at the OP for beeing so specific :slight_smile:


Oh, okay man. My bad. Have a lovely day.


I was wondering if this was a bug that I was experiencing. I hate that I lose the 3rd burst when I’m already dealing with the slowest monster.