Is the tier 5 support a basilisk soldier

Youll see in dec. :blush:

WE will see in December, if that’s his/her release date. You have no definitive proof that it’s a Basilisk Soldier. You have no definitive proof that the abilities you came up with are correct. And you have no definitive proof he/she (although it’s more than likely a he) will be released in December.

Nobody does. Except maybe @MaddCow.

share us yor secrets ye moomer

My theory is that the T5 support is a scientist and she transplanted a claw from the captured Wraith in the Wraith Trap map, giving her the Wraith’s abduct skill (they also used the technology in the Evac mode for teleporters). Would be so awesome. If you look at Wraith’s little claw in pictures, it’s pretty similar in shape and size.

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Yeah, they’ve all been made to look ambigious.

Proof? lol…

Aren’t basilisk soldiers all spliced with insects? That being said it would be cool if she was like a new secret generation of basilisk soldier. That are spliced with other creatures other then insects? Gen 4 basilisk soldier

Judgeing from Lennox and Jack, I think it’s someone from the Scrapjard again
Maybe a Lennox family member

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#Why haven’t I seen this thread?! O.O


Yeah, I hope it is. That arm thing is soooo cool >.<

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Look closely at the sillhouette. It’s not their arm, it’s a glove type thing.


I have shamed myself in front of senpai ;-;
~finds a corner~

Gonna find the silhouette >.<

Oh aye!
Well, it still looks cool >.<
(Does she/he wear a ragged cloth for a hood? O.O)


Basilisk robot?

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I think the support is a female. The common consensus that I’ve seen around the forums is that they are all related to Lennox, like Jack.
We shall see. But first we have to get through medic.

I’m currently thinking the Medic is a Robot (Though, It’s probably a Cyborg)

The Support is wearing a cloak and an exoskeleton. Not a Basilisk soldier.

Though I would guess that T6 if it happens is going to include a Basilisk soldier.

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