Is the tier 5 support a basilisk soldier

After watching a lot of theories the tier 5 support could be another basilisk soldier maybe a lizard? It would make sense by looking at the arm? What abilitys do you think it would have

It is a basilisk as for abilities imma go with either bottomless clips for a duration or increased speed of hunters/ or decrease monster speed or traversals

I surely hope not, 1 is plenty and we JUST got him. Im inclined to think TRS wouldn’t give that away so easily anyway, for instance; Slims silhouette wasn’t very revealing for him while contrarily Sunny was purposely put in a pose to suggest she was part robot.

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Well, more Basilisk Soldiers or Robot are something that could be interesting.

I think it will be an Assault if a new basilisk comes. So T6 and beyond (Whether that’s DLC or Sequel content, I don’t know)

I’m fairly certain the theme of T5 is Exo-suits. So I think She/He is wearing a specialized robotic claw.

There are wires across the Support’s arm and the claws look sorta attached, so I think it’s an augmentation or an exoskeleton, but not an actual part of his/her body. So I highly doubt it’s a Basilisk Soldier myself, but I have some other theory that my friend pitched. :smile:

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Especially after discovering Jack and Lennox are related I would find this unlikely. I bet t5 medic and support are related to the two current t5 hunters.


I’m guessing that the remaining two hunters are Lennox relatives as well.

There will be no more robots as Matthew has stated they allowed him one robot crew mate. So I don’t think we will ever see another one. Which is fine. I like the human types, their personalities are great.

1 Robot was during the main game. They may still make a DLC Robot.


Basilisk soldiers were spliced with insects

Sunny isn’t part robot… Unless I missed something, she has the robotic arm but it’s not part of her as far as I can tell

I think the only T5 Basilisk Soldier will be the Monster

Pretty sure that was denied lol but keep on hoping

Lol. Just because you say he’s a BS doesn’t mean he is.

This is incorrect.

I could’ve sworn he said that

I coulda sworn he said that too but I can’t find it again.

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Things can change. I doubt they meant never, ever again. :stuck_out_tongue: But anyway, here’s a message from Matthew about it:


Yes I know…I was saying when the T4 silhouettes were first released the shadow made it appear that Support had a robot arm to throw people off.

No , T5 Monster is a basilisk soldier

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