Is the third monster female?


At gamescom @SlaboMeat said she in a female … whats your thoughts @plaff had the video so if you could post it thanks

Edit from @Plaff:

Here’s the video, check out 02:38


Yeah Plaff already knows about that, I think that was actually @SlabOMeat who said it though. :wink:


Let me change it


Mother Mode hype!


This just confirms it, @DamJess is the 3rd monster


Confirmed whoot whoot peace prize please shaking hand with president whoot whoot


Confirmed. Last contestant is the Queen Alien from Aliens. She can direct alien drones at her enemies, and fling facehuggers from her back :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha make this happen! It could be a crossover from Alien: Isolation.


Sorry I just made a topic didn’t realise it already existed! Alien queen will be awesome!


.< shhh you guys are gonna ruin it!


I was just watching a interview at gamescom and phil @SlabOMeat was referring to the next monster as “she” more than once!
So I wonder if we are going to get some kind of alien queen?
Pretty exiting stuff either way.


Clever girl


Should be @DamnJess, eh? :smile:



A lot of me hopes she can lay eggs that’ll hatch into monsters that hunt the Hunters.


It’s funny that for the longest time I didn’t realize Sammy J was in Jurassic Park. I watched it again about a year ago and realized he was in it.


It’s because he only has 1 real line where he ‘yells’. We all know that the more he yells in the movie the better his role. Hence, his character was lame in Star Wars due to lack of yelling. Pulp Fictions: Lots of yelling :slight_smile:


I think his arm had more screen time than he did in that film. :wink:


He’s really the ‘Blue Skull’, brother to Red Skull from Marvel.


yay! female monster