Is the smell volume louder for some monsters?


I was just wondering if the volume for the smell is louder for some monsters… I know they changed the Evolve screams to be the same but not sure about the smell. I feel like Kraken and Gorgon is pretty loud but Behemoth is soft…


Most likely


Monsters can be heard smelling at different ranges:
Goliath: 50 meters
Kraken: 60 meters
Wraith: 65 meters
Behemoth: 85 meters
Gorgon: 53 meters


… Seriously?


Hey he’s the wizard in the forums lol

so he is most likely correct



Ironic that the stealthiest monster (Wraith) doesn’t have the smallest audible radius on her smell. Also, Gorgon’s smell sound is pretty loud, like louder than all the other monsters, at least to me. Kraken comes in a close second.


behemoth, nawww

its so quiet to me


But he is the biggest monster so it may be able to be a loud roar to hunters and a low roar to us


Agreed. Behemoth’s smell sound is very non-distinct and short. You may be able to hear it from a far distance but I doubt most people would be able to tell it apart from the ambient audio.


bob is so innocent :frowning:


i dont even notice the smell sounds normally and thats with a high grade headset. i can find a monster with absolutely no evidence across the map while playing cabot, but i dont notice the smell sounds to save my life. lmao.

but yes. those values are accurate





no, im just a REALLY good cabot. i just dont get to play very much.


Yea and I’m Ronald McDonald :stuck_out_tongue: jk I know


you have no clue how much i hate not playing the game as much as i could. at this point, it’s been nearly 2 months since i’ve last played. If i had more ability to play, i’d probably be streaming alongside maddcow and friends and competing. however, because of lack of access, i do visit evolve streams often now and answer any questions that the public has for the streamer


2 months?! I just played last night and it crashed so I said screw it but wow 2 months


I once stopped playing for a good 4 months.


yea but its not my choice to not play. my home computer can’t run evolve (i went to a local LAN center to play on their gaming computer), im having issues with my car and cant drive it, lost my job two weeks ago. yea…i’m in NO position to do anything.


Oh my, you need to find a job! Hey I hear there’s an opening in TRS :stuck_out_tongue: