Is the Rumoured 5th Shapeshifter Monster Related to Real Ones Taking Over the Government?


According to this thread:

As to the OP, I’m pretty sure they said the 5th is likely to be a shapeshifter. Can’t quote where, but I believe it was heavily implied in an interview.

A few people have mentioned that the 5th monster will be a shape shifter.

Is this related to the ones taking over the government right now, or is it a pure piece of fiction that is just coincidental?

Examples of alleged reptilian shape-shifters taking over the world:


Ah, another of your infamous educational threads, Galactoid.

Yes, clearly this is TRS trying to warn us. How could it not be? The “coincidences” as they say are far too uncanny for this to be a mistake. >.>


Don’t be ridiculous fellow human, there is no takeover of your governments.


That is what the reptilian shapeshifters want us to think!


Don’t be ridiculous we’re not reptilian, wait a minute… I mean yes. It’s the reptilians you have to watch our for


Shapshifter is on the team. It could be Parnell, it could be Val.

The 5th monster… could… be… you…


Could be me? Hehehe, what makes you think that, Shinji?


Because, it could be anyone…It blends in so well, it doesn’t even know it’s itself anymore. It could very well be me… :scream:


Nah. It could never emulate that glorious southern accent. ^.^



Why do you torture me so?


It’s fun? Relax, Shinny.



Read thread title.

Instantly knew OP was Galactoid without looking.

Chuckled at pictures and moved on.


I read op and I am like…

how I imagine Galactoid when writing these threads…


Nothing is wrong with your government and or celeberties, everything is going as plannned


Then we know who the tier 5 assault will be. He’s here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And he’s all out of bubblegum.