Is the ranking system global or continent based?


Hi everyone,

I sometimes read a player saying he’s #X character in the US/Europe/Other.
Is there really multiple ranking systems, divided by continents?

This would mean that being in Europe, I can’t compete (in the ranking system) with US players?
Would make me sad.

Thanks for your answers and have a great day. :slight_smile:


I agree with ‘it has multiple ranking system’ i was (trapper) 2st player in beta and im in s.Korea. And most of 1-15 ranked player was chinese, japanese and koreans.

I think that means i ranked in asia rank system


I feared that…
I felt proud being the best player of the “world” for a few hours on sunday night…
In fact I was the best of the south east part of my city (from Noob Street to Delusion Street) :frowning: