Is the preferred system completely ignored now?


first of all don’t get me wrong, I love playing the monster, and usually have it as my 1st preferred. But I have put it as number 5 in order to help with bucket challenge, but just joined a game in lobby with 1 other person and I have support at 1st preferred and it puts me as the monster, and the other player as the medic and I was just looking at the screen like 0.0… yea why is it doing this


When I’m alone I put my favorite role as last.

I get it on the first try every single time without fail.

Once I have a lobby I’ll make it first. Works.


Yup the system trolls like that



Awww, don’t use mine? :cry:
I made it for you though. (Or tweaked. ^.^)


The system always tries to put a human in control of the monster, and most likely you both had manster as 5th, so you got it randomly.
Everything else is just cuz MM is junk atm lol, but eh, its liveable (is that a saying? Iunno)


I hate getting put as the monster simply because i just dont like being the monster im a hunter and thats why i put monster as last prefernece but today i had 6 times in a row as the monster and not the same lobby either wth trs if i put a hunter as my last i sure as hell wouldnt see him