Is the Poison Frog Skin actually live?


So according to another thread, the poison skin for Goliath is live, but there have been numerous reports of people not receiving it and sadly I am one of those people. Can anyone here actually elaborate upon whether this rumor is true or not? And if so, how do I fix it?

Goliath Poison Frog Skin
Goliath Challenge Skin
I didn't get the frog skin
So got My Goliath Poison Frog Skin

Skins are handled separately for each My2K account. They say that it should be given out to any who qualified no later then the end of Thursday. I would wait a couple more days to see if you get it. Also try connecting to a multiplayer server and then backing out and seeing if you have it.


I played against an individual who was using it today, so… I don’t know what to tell you, man.


I got it at the exact point that the thread was made. Xbone was top priority I guess?

/jk PC master race i know


For what it is worth, I’m missing mine as well. I wouldn’t worry until after Thursday night - the distribution takes a while sometimes.


If after Thursday we still don’t have it then we can panic right?


You can send in a support ticket! That’s the way to go with these things. Gotta get the skin if you participated!





I don’t have mine either, so I will wait until tomorrow. I have a strong feeling we’ll still get it. If not, file your ticket first thing Friday morning to 2K. Also, I am a PC user…so far I haven’t seen of anyone with PC having it, but have seen PS4 users with it from videos.


I do and I’m on PC.


What region? I’m in the USA.


Me too. In eastern time zone.


When I see your pic I think that the Goliath is like “What the fk is all this green st?”

Also I didn’t have it either last time I checked.


And now I can’t imagine him thinking anything else.


Puts on over-sized Micheal Jackson sunglasses

“I win.”


Well, one of has the skin and the other doesn’t. Who really wins?


Ur mum!



I also dont recieved it. But Yeah just wait :slight_smile: we will get it anyway!


Nothing yet.


I played Goliath last weekend in solo mode. And i am sure that i had internet connection. I used leap smash too ofcourse. But i still don’t have the skin. Do i have to wait more ? (PC)