Is the patch actually out too?


I never got an update but I assumed this is because I got the game on disc and my Xbox was on that stand by mode, so it can download stuff over night. Well, I tried out Valerie and she seems exactly the same as before. I thought she was gonna get bursty but it was still super slow. So I’m just wondering if the patch is acually out on consoles right now?


It should have come with the dlc characters if not before


It’s out. How big was your download?


Val’s improvement was only by 1% per second, enough to make the difference but not enough to make her incredibly bursty. You’ll know Val is patched by how long the monster stays tranq’d


I can’t tell you, honestly. I already had a friend of mine mention that a patch is out but I never noticed that it downloaded anything. I can access online just fine though and got the T4 stuff too. So I’m guessing it’s just because it’s a digital copy. Good to know though, thanks a lot.


Uhm, sorry to bump this again but neither Abe nor Valerie actually drag the Kraken down to earth. Neither does Crow (although idk if he’s supposed to) I recall that being in the patch notes, no? So… again, I have to question of the patch is even out on XB1.


That was actually removed from the patch.

Yes, you have got the patch downloaded since you can access Tier 4 characters.


Oh, thank you! Any info on why that was removed?