Is the new iOS doing wierd things for you guys?


Hello peeps!!

So since I updated to the latest iOS, I’ve been having some wierd problems with Apple…

Sometimes the home button is pressed without me pressing it…

But EVERY SINGLE DAY it keeps spazzing out and just clicking everywhere! Like, I’m watching YouTube then the next thing you know, bam! It takes me to UWA website, takes me back to YouTube, zooms out, plays Hungry Shark, all this madness! I have to restart my iPad for it to work, it’s driving me crazy!

Anybody else experiencing this?


Is the update also on the phone? I haven’t gotten a notification yet.


Dunno, but then again, I’m using android, so I wouldn’t know :stuck_out_tongue:


The latest iOS. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


I have ipad and haven’t recieved any update…!!!