Is the new hunters speech lazy?


I feel like the new hunter speech is kinda lazy. For example if you have characters like crow slim sunny and Torvald in the drop ship all they say is eh, ye,Inno, “sniff”, hm, and good talk. I know these is a joke but it’s lazy since there isn’t even anything else they say when they are all in the dropship at once (correct me if I am wrong), if it was just a joke they would have more dialog and then this as just “extra” but make this little nonsense as the dialog for the new hunters when they are all together (which happens a lot) I’m just sick and tired of hearing this grunting for dialog. Sorry if I sound a bit too frustrated by this but I like evolve and I would love to see new hunters and monsters but I don’t want just any old content I want good polished content. Like the game just after all the patches to make it more balanced (1 word, WRAITH) I just don’t want to see such a game with potential to just become crap. Tell me what you guys think.


Honestly, it doesn’t bug me so much because there are times in the dropship pre-T4 that the hunters didn’t say anything.

Or one hunter said “alright let’s do this” (and i imagined the Leeroy Jenkins yell in the background)

It’s not lazy, it’s just different. However, that is simply my opinion, not a fact. I’m not mad, and i won’t be because i’m used to hearing “HAVE YOU EVER BEEN OUT TO BODE’S WORLD, VAL?” over and over again when i’m trying to get the Cabot/Hyde conversation to start. Grunting is infinitely better than that conversation repeating itself xD (again, still my opinion)

Thank you for sharing your opinion on the matter though :slight_smile:


“What’s that?”

“It’s like a guess.”

“I know what a hypothesis is!”

Grrrrrr! Condescending Caira!

But yes, I’d like more lines.


I like the grunts :smiley: More lines would be cool, but I laughed more than I should have when I heard them the first time. Its just their personalities. As opposed to Sunny who talks much as she can. Cute as a button so I like her stuff as well :slight_smile:


Matthew’s probably already penned in a ton of stuff, it’s just getting aaaall the voices just right and into the game, and also he has to make sure to leave out any lines that give away things we don’t know yet (like info about the fifth tier and monster, etc.). More lines are coming in the next patch and even more after that I’m sure.

The reason for the specific ‘good talk’ one is just to show that sometimes before a battle… there’s really just not much to say. Just gotta take that awkward silence and psych yourself up. It also helps to show that these hunters aren’t as much of a team as they are a rag-tag bunch of monster hunters. Some of them have worked together before, but the majority are just strangers in a ship brought together by Cabot to help colonize a planet.


I love that grunt speech, though since older Hunters seem to have gotten new lines more possibilities for the T4 ones wouldn’t surprise me.


Someone else put it better than I can, but Caira explained what a hypothesis is because she knows most of the Hunters are, frankly fairly uneducated.


Slim and Torvald have a conversation about monster and Crow and sunny talk about the origin of Crows name where he reveals he’s Mongolian by descent and his real name is Khorv something and that his brothers name is Frank.

Sunny and Torvald also talk abotu Torvalds cybernetics


Other than the Behemoth the sound department for the new content just is not up to snuff with the original stuff.

What bothers me the most is the sound effects of the weapons. Not nearly as unique or polished sounding as the original hunters. I can’t shake the feeling they wouldn’t sound the way they do if given more time to release the content.

Not hating and it could just be me, but sharing the honest impression I got when I first heard them and it’s been hard to ignore since.


I think the news guys have really good dialogue actually. Every line they say really just highlights their personalities. The grunt speech is a result of both Crow and Torvald being less then talkative. I’m quietish myself and I’ve had plenty of conversations that are almost exactly like that.

As for the amount of dialogue, I think it’s a pretty good start. They have a couple where all of them say something and a bunch where just 2 are talking. Main problem is that the new guys and old guys don’t really acknowledge each other yet. Though that is on the to do list.


He has a jetpack and wings…


I had plenty of funny conversations with the new hunters. Torvald and Sunny’s puppy dialogue, the one where Slim and Torvald talk about the term “Bugman”, Crow and Slim about “We are gonna make it, the others won’t.” and then Sunny goes all “You know when can hear you, yeah?”


you’re right, and i’d like to thank you for not saying what i’m assuming the dots mean.

It’s nice that you can at least appear to be polite.

I’ve never looked that closely at Slim, as you’ve already pointed out, or i probably would’ve noticed his wings coming through a jetpack apparatus.

Still, most people I’ve played with also haven’t looked too closely, can’t waste time in PvP and all that, so i had to check in a solo custom myself.

Weird seeing it… it’s so small it can pass as part of his “suit” till you get a close-up. (by suit i mean his carapace)


Crow and Torvald like to keep silent, since Torvald is asocial and Crow lived in the wilderness for far too long. That grunting speech was brilliant also.


Probably won’t ever happen but I’m hoping for actual dialogue between t4 hunters and every other hunter. Not what they have now. T1-3 only recognizes them as their class. Sunny has a line directed at Parnell and his super soldier but that’s not dialogue between both of them.