Is the loading longer or have I just been playing too much Evolve?



Feels like I spend more time loading than fighting lately.


Since the patch? I haven’t noticed it personally.


Since the release of the Tier 4 hunters.


I am finding people fast.


I mean the actual loading. Like before you pick your characters and then before you board the dropship.


It does feel a bit longer, but idk


A little bit, yes…


No such thing as too much evolve :slight_smile:


Any idea why? At first I thought it was cause people kept quitting before the match, but it seems to be happening regardless.


I haven’t the foggiest notion.


Losing games faster

@TheFeralMerc I did have a 3 minute loading screen the other day, but the game kicked us out as soon as it started.



maybe its cuz ppl are watching the t4 tutorials tho.

but there seems to be a bug where the loadingscreen actual takes like 5 mins


Yup. Been there! It sucks when I only have an hour or so to play and I spend to much time on loading screens.