Is The Fight For Shear... Pointless?


More theorycrafting…

I overheard Caira saying in the dropship saying she thinks the hunters are ‘wasting our time here’… Even Cabot, the one who hired our mercenaries in the first place acknowledges this and agrees with Caira…

Later down the line a conversation between Cabot and Parnell popped up, I didn’t get a proper ear of it because we where fighting Goliath at the time but Cabot asked Parnell about some kind of organization (Parnell worked for?) that manufactured the Monsters to capture Shear…

What I heard:
Cabot: "Hey, Parnell, [Goliath shows up] If _____ (<-- Couldn’t hear) wanted to take this Planet, is this how they’d do it?
Parnell: What? Send these Monsters here? Do you think ____ would do something like that?
Cabot: You tell me…

As I say it popped up in a Heated fight with Stage 3 Goliath so I had my hands full… But this was what I heard them talking about…

My second point would be the End of Evacuation cutscene… It’s safe to say the hunters ultimately die either way… Although in both interpretations of the cutscene, the Hunters are shown to be Heavily outnumbered by Monsters and considering it takes 4 of them to take one of them down, where they doomed from the start?


He’s referring to the Ebon Star I believe.


theryre not fighting for shear, theyre there to save the lifes of colonists


Its assumed they live in the winning cutscene because the monsters are dying slowly and theres 3 medics in the group. secondly the fight for shear is to save colonists that tried living there not to actually have a war with monsters so its more of a question if you think saving thousands of people is worth it or not.


Hub, the missing word is hub, caira stated herself that the genetic splicing is possible, but that something else wasn’t.


I see, I always thought EbonStar were the good branch of the Military… I thought this was a rival of EbonStar sending the Monsters to wipe the Presence of EbonStar from Shear as an attack on a rival organization…


Ya, the conversation is about Cabot asking Parnell if this is how Hub would take Shear. He says no, they would just park a dozen heavy cruisers and bomb the planet to hell if needed. Caira does mention that the Wraith warp technology is VERY different then the Dive technology the Humans are currently using.


They are saving the Colonists from the Monsters who invaded their Planet aren’t they? New Calico for example is town map, meaning they were settled there to some degree…


yes, shear is a colony
full lore is here


They hint a lot to possible man-made monsters as a form of “Bio Weapon” research. and Shear is like a…testing ground for this. I speculate Ebon Star wants to harness the power of the Monsters to use against their enemies.

Think of Star Craft 2. The Terran Dominion wanted to control the Zerg and use them as a weapon, it backfired with Kerrigan’s Transformation. Similar story I think, but it can always be seen in modern day military war mongering for power.


She says that the Goliath is possible at a stretch, but if the teleportation technology for Wraith existed she would definatley know about it. However she also says that she wouldn’t put it past CIG9 (Vals employers, basically Hubs CIA) as they’re into some weird shit.


I would say it’s worth it but I always believed they died since the Evac ship takes off without them and a Conversation involving Abe:

Abe: So guys, that ship was our last way outta here…
Parnell: We are saving thousands of lives here, lets focus on that.
Abe: [Panicking] So, after that ship gets outta here, what’ll we do then, Jim?!
Parnell: We’ll deal with that when we come to it, Abe…

It hints death, but also escape at the same time coming from Parnell…


Local heroes AKA Hunter T4 :smiley:


Maybe they want to make the next DLC map/mode to hint at more of the story. Maybe there’s a last stand or survival mode where you band together against swarms of monsters while seeking escape from the planet. Hmmm


The conversation in question.

Cabot Parnell, if Hub wanted to take this planet, is this how’d they do it?
Parnell What, you mean engineer these monsters?
Cabot You tell me.
Parnell Listen, I was in the regular army. Sol Guard.
Parnell They want to take a world, they just park a few dozen frigates, bomb the place.
Parnell Wouldn’t put this past CIG9 though. They get up to some weird stuff.
Caira Not this weird. Teleportation? No. Uh-uh. You look at a Goliath and you think
Caira “oh it’s like someone crossed a Nova Dragon with an Orion Terrorsaur,” ok, maybe.
Caira But this new creature? No. No, if that technology existed, I would know about it.


Yep I saw that conversation, trying to piece together all of them to get a sense of the Lore other than reading it.

But it does leave an air of mystery and much to explore. I just hope it doesn’t get left up in the air once the story is complete. I want closure!


Yah, this is the one! I couldn’t hear it very well over Goliath kicking our asses, I tried to put together what I had as best I could :smile:


Yes. No. Next question.


Go through the development of Evolve. One map was supposed to be alien artifacts. That means that at some point there was another group of sentient life. My bet is on them and using these Monsters are their own version of Planet Tamers only against us :stuck_out_tongue:


So like a long lost race trying to make a comeback? That sounds cool! :smile: