Is the Evolve: Hunters Quest app available to 8.1 Pro (PC Version)?


Hey. I have Windows 8.1 Pro installed on my PC and I would love to play the app there, since my Google Nexus Samsung is not very suited for the game. I cannot find the app in the windows app store though.
When I search the app via google and click on “View in Windows Store” it shows me the App Store “Home” screen instead of the app page.



I’m running Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center (for completeness) and I run the Hutners Quest App.

Use the Windows Build In App Store and search Evolve: hunter
That’s as far as I had to go and I found it fine.


Okay I found the solution myself. I found this page:

I live in germany. The Evolve: Hunters Quest app is available in germany, but only to Android and Apple… I don’t understand, how that could happen, but someone must have made this very important decision, to prevent german Windows users, to play the app.

Solution: Change your Windows region to another region, like United States. Search again. App found…


Ah - Glad you found the answer!