Is the came currently hunter or monster favored on high skill/tourneys?



i was just wondering if the game currently is hunter or monster favored on high skill?
And if for what chars/minster is that true?

Have a good day!


Generally speaking, it’s hunter favoured at high skill levels.


It’s pretty much always been Hunter favored. It’s one mind trying to outsmart four. Just because you’re given bigger guns doesn’t mean you have the upper hand.


It is Hunter favored. The Hunter’s have been given so little buffs that they’ve stacked up into something silly. Add on the perks they get and any Hunter team who actually knows what they’re doing then the monster tends to lose.

Also the fact that Behemoth cant survive in this meta and the constant whining about Wraith has resulted in her being nerfed into the ground to become almost Behemoth tier.

I’m also hearing that the Krakens have been gutted as well and that would explain why I dont see them anymore.

So Monsters really only have the choices of Goliath and Gorgon.


It´s kind of hunter favored because as monster you have to force people into bad decisions and errors. if your opponent does not falter, you pretty much lose.

That said, it is possible to win with Goliath versus good teams. watch some games of fresh, he has really awesome control of his monster and is almost always winning :slight_smile: