Is the beta up and running on PC?


Because if it is I keep getting an error whenever I try to start the game. Any suggestions?


Few issues :smiley:


They are working on the de-encryption thing. It will be up soon!


we hope it will


Will we get extra time?


You will get as much compensation as a flight that is running 30 minutes late.


Nope. We’re probably just gonna be short an hour. Much more of an impact here in Europe than in America.


Thanks guys! :smile:


That damn encryption. how’d it get there anyway


What if its over an hour late?


How much time do we have to play the beta anyways?


I don’t really know - honestly though, I doubt it. The whole point of a technical test is to work out bugs, and that is exactly what is happening.

If it helps, think of it like this: every hiccup that happens now will prevent ten that could have happened at launch. It’s a good thing!

The beta will be up all weekend long.


It means I’ll will have been clicking the start icon for over an hour


Then the same as a 1 hour delay. Things happen.


Are you Plato? You must be Plato. your insight and predictions are impeccable sir.


It’s working now!


Wouldn’t be surprised if they just announced it costs $15 to unlock the encryption :joy:


Not for me :frowning:


Reboot your steam


OMG OMG OMG Thank you!