Is the Behemoth back?



I don’t know about you guys & girls but I think the Behemoth is very OP and I have recently run into it a couple of times while playing. Is that a hack or has it officially been re-released?


Hasn’t been released yet, probably have just run into a bunch of founders that are hoping on the hype train because he’s coming back soon


Sometime this Month he will be released for free for everyone ONLY IF you log on till that day!

So don’t miss a day :slight_smile:


He’s not OP, they’ve just been slowly putting more of his new programming into the patches the last couple weeks. He will be back this month though as they’ve said above me here.

Behemoth takes some adjusting to play against, especially if you’re used to the Behemoth from the last two months, which was squishy like a teddy bear.


TRUE because he is on my day 28 daily login bonus!


I prepared for him …I playied him on bots til lvl 36 and gonna go to 40 …Everyone will think im founder because he will be lvl 40!


More like: everyone will call you noob and type easy in the chat after game because they will think you have some experiences playing him.

keep it real


I m on same boat 36level now from tutorial games.


he is no where near op
you think he is because all the people playing him have 1000 pluss hours and you don’t fight him enough to know how to deal with him


He was op for a while tho[when the double dmg bug was the thing]
but yeah now he is strong but not op. He lacks mobility in combat.


True but i play on favors hunters and in my opinion im pretty skiled with him .Probably more skilled than some others when he comes out :slight_smile:


I bet you are .

I pwn hunter favored bot games with stage 1 wraith tho. So It is not quite comparable to real team.
[ Who am I kidding here? bots are better coordinated than 75% of pub teams] haha…

What perks do you use? I love CDR to win each game under 10seconds but armor reduction is good too.


I take Hunger/Fly Swatter/Unkillable-Paralizing Attack or Grounder . I feel they are the best for bob for his lack of speed in domes.Try them they ar good and u can kill them in 10 sec


What is BOB?


I’m pretty sure I’m a founder and I don’t have him yet.


Nice,I just strongly tongue lick caira and then eat her.It is different approach.


Its Behemoth


I assume you realise what you just said lmao


Did you buy him before it went FTP?


You bet

Here console gameplay,tongue grap only :^)


oh Lord… that game…

So far the only issues I have is when I’m against Paladin Parnell with reload and Hank with Jetpack. Played against such a comp in ranked and lost ;( But, lucky me, next match was with the same people and I wiped the floor with them with my trusty Goli :wink:

I feel like PParnell is a really hard counter to Behemoth. More so than a Slim IMO, also when focusing Hank and PP is reloading, he can go up and avoid the melee dmg. Yes, Tongue Grab that SOB, but at that point, PP is almost done. Maybe Rock Wall, maybe yes… but spending 1-2 points is taking away from primary dmg - Lava Bomb, Fissure. And sure as hell not going to take it away from Tongue Grab. RW is right now the most useless ability on Behemoth. It’s too narrow in the open, and experienced hunters are following you into caves. Also, the wind up on it is so long, too long for what it does. Will have to play more vs good teams to see, but overall I do think he is in so much better than what it was 3 weeks ago.