Is the background supposed to be white now?


So the background to the board (not the very back, background but where the threads are displayed) is now white?

Is it supposed to be like this? Not sure I care for it, feels harder on the eyes than the old color. It’s just the areas where it lists threads too, the posts are normal.


I posted in another thread, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be this way.

By the looks of it, and the 3 recent posts made, the forum system got another update by it’s creator and forced some things to go back to default scheme.

I am sure TRS will be on it in no time as per usual, ain’t that right @DanYouhon


Yea, just saw your post. I can’t imagine that this is intentional, it clashes terribly. Oh well, as you said, TRS usually gets this stuff fixed quickly.


OMG this white background. MY EYES !! >_<


We’re contacting the appropriate authorities…


Sorry about that. We are finalizing some of the theming support and broke some styles accidentally. The good news is that @awesomerobot is working on officially supporting dark colors in our themer this week.