Is the assaults personal shield destructible?


I was just playing Lennox and was pounced while with a full shield. I thought that the assaults personal shield made you invincible for 10 full seconds…it was destroyed by the pounce alot quicker than 10 seconds…


It wears out after a certain amount of time or a certain amount of damage is dealt, whichever is faster. If you are focused it goes out pretty quick.


You can tell how much more damage your shield can take via the shield health that appears over your health bar.


In ALL OF THE TIME on the forums and playing the game, I do not remember this being a thing…


It’s always been a thing. It’s a very strong shield so stages 1 and 2 monsters may not do that much damage to it. It breaks after an amount of damage or 10 seconds. Been here since launch.


haha. apparently monster’s didnt hate you enough then!


My mind is completely blown! I don’t know how I haven’t known this before now!..crys


To be fair, markovs dialogue saying “I am invincible. For brief periods of time” can make it seem that way.


Talking of the shield is there a bug with the Assaults shield? when me and my team mates activate it sometimes there’s a delayed response often resulting in death!


My only problem with it is that at time I’ll use the shield and when it depletes over time it fills back up instantly and then it drains kinda fast again thus delaying the actual Reload of the shield.


I thought there was a bug that was reported recently about this…ive seen it myself. it sucks.


And to me more particular, personal shields block 1600 damage, or last 10 seconds. Hunters for comparison at max, have 1600 hp.


But see, I remember specifically drawing out a match for the drop ship when pounced by activating the shield. And when i was just pounced, my shield was gone almost instantly and the drop ship didnt make it…i dont know. this feels like the twilight zone.


It’s usually a delay from your activation and the game recognizing it for all 5 players.
Not a bug, just a delay (an annoying one)


there’s been a pounce-shield bug that was logged.

however, things like personal shield i believe are delayed based on the monster’s side. like if you were low on health and tried to pop your shield but you end up incapped with the shield. thats the delay because the server sees the monster hitting you, before you activate the shield.

also, its possible there may be a 0.5sec delay like the healbursts did. not confirmed from what i know/seen


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