Is the app worth the time?


I’m talking about pure benefit to the core game, not story or free fun benefits


It basically makes leveling your characters twice as fast if you play the app enough! But it gets seriously freaking tough


I’m a bit confused as to what you mean when you say “free fun benefits”, I’m guessing you’re talking about the app being free and the fun didly schtuff it brings to the table? :stuck_out_tongue: Lets move along though ;D

I’d say that it’s DEFINITELY worth your time! Just for the fact that you can cut the time required for masteries in Evolve by 50% is invaluable. A passive 10% perk at the end of the day may not seem much (when you get all your masteries full), but every bit will matter when you’re facing off against the big bad Monstar. In addition to this, there’s word around the forums that there’ll be some free skins in the future. How you acquire these skins though is a mystery!

So in short, the benefits are the possibility of skins and the #1 best benefit is cutting down on time for completing masteries. If you plan to get it, I’d suggest visiting this bodacious thread @Hydrawolf made for the app. It’ll help get ya started.


For unlocking characters it’s super useful since I just skipped 50% of the progress on the really annoying mastery goals like follow Daisy for x amount of meters.


You can also watch overhead replays of your games. Personally I think you will probably level faster just by playing the actual game. But if you do want to get a head start on other people and currently have time to kill it would be useful.

It’s a fun little game though so it helps pass the time until the real game releases.


It allows you to cut the amount of “grinding” (which isn’t really grinding, or time-consuming for that matter) in half. YOu play the game, unlock mastery points, and use them to buy masteries. Once you buy one mastery e.g) Val- Medgun- Level One- half of that challenge is done, making it easier to complete and move up in the full game.

It is not nescessary, so if it isn’t really fun then don’t do it, but it helps. I’ve already gotten half progress in every Hunter’s T1 Challenges, a few T2 ones, and one T3, but that’s only because I enjoy it.

Try the game- play for a while. It is actually very fun.


For the more annoying masteries, I would say its useful. Also the skins are nice but require a lot of grinding to get


I would play it, if I had a phone.

It won’t let me download it on PC or my Windows 8 Tablet.


I think it is worth it, but not if your only time to play interferes with you playing Evolve.