Is that even possible?


Xbox one top Goliath player is 1009-1? Really? Really?


He is disconnecting before he takes a loss.


Well…i checked just last night and he had zero losses. Today…1?

Result of the patch?


Another reason why leaderboards don’t mean jack squat.


My team has played A LOT of those top players. Some are amazing. Many just quit as soon as you dome them.

I usually message them asking what happened. I’ve had some pretty funny conversations, but most of them are just butthurt.


Oh, shit. I think he’s a member here. Name seems familiar.


Yeah, I’ve played some good ones.

Having said that, I’m not buying over 1000 consecutive wins legitimately.


Blood. Blood everywhere!


Going to start doing this lol. Make them admit it or invite them to another match haha


I don’t get why people even care that much to do this kinda stuff. Just take your loss like a man


I just find it exceedingly strange that his first loss is after the patch. Really weird…


It’s probably a coincidence.


It’s a beautiful thing!


I heard from a friend that in the patch they were going to start counting disconnects as losses but I might be wrong feel free to correct me


I know. I was being sarcastic. :laughing:


Ah. Then well said lol.


The disconnecting now doesn’t give you a Death.It affects your W/L ratio tho.


Haha its gonna be great then when people try to explain how they legitly have 500 wins, 2 deaths, and a ratio of .17 =P


You can go to dashboard and close the game and it won’t count as a loss.


So the patch did nothing then? I could have sworn they said I was going to do something to the quitters so hopefully they wouldn’t jump ship and lag our games so much