Is Sunny Supposed To Inflict Knockback?


So, potential bug here, that I figured I’d ask about.

Just been farming some Monster masteries offline and I noticed that Sunny was inflicting some pretty significant knockback against me. I’ve noticed it both as the Goliath and Kraken, sometimes it’s been enough to throw off my aim, others it’s lifted me from the ground a short distance, rendering me unable to do anything until I hit the ground again.

So, uh, is she supposed to be able to do that?

PS4 player, any other platforms noticed this?


Keep the hyperbole out of this thread, thanks.


You asked told


Any videos nasha? Might help us to decide if its intended or not.


I didn’t think to record at the time. I’ll hop back on after I get some sleep and see if I can get some footage then.


NP. Just curious so as to get your question answered more accurately.


Most likely a bug. Never happened to me before, playing as and against sunny


There have been people saying her mini-nukes knock Elder Kraken back, and I noticed it myself, but I never got it with other Monsters.


Hahaha oh dear.


Her grenades are meant to stagger your screen, but not the monster. This is a bug, probably related to EMET as well.

I only noticed this on EK and both Goliaths.

Anyone experiencing the same thing with Torvald?


This isn’t a bug. It works as intended.

Solo has a large number of differences from normal multiplayer.
I spent 3 hours practicing the knock-back to maximize mobility across the map before learning this.

Fun Fact: you can traverse 430m in under 20s with 0 jetpack used.

Solo Mode too Op. plz nerf.


You mean “rocket jumping” but with the mini nuke launcher?


yes. But its alot harder than it sounds.


TF2 rocket jumping experience helps or it’s something totally different?


from someone that didn’t play TF2, it’d be a hard comparison for me. But it was directional.


Sounds like a real issue and as long as it’s fixed without removing the ability for Sunny to make Daisy trip and fall over, I’m happy.


if you can do it in multiplayer currently, you’re good :wink: its already “fixed”


Would be cool to have an alternative to jetpack like rocketjumping though :confused: