Is steam the only way to get the pc monster race?


I just really want to know cause I really want all the stuff evolve has to offer and I already pre ordered somewhere else so can someone please help me with this?


mhhh up on this i just call out one thing:

if you like the game for real - buy it for the full price instead of cheapstore.


You can get it from Green Man Gaming for sure, and any other site that sells Steam activation keys.


If you just want the stuff they offer with the monster race bundle, they should be sold separately (though i think some have a timed exclusivity so you’d have to wait to get them), just in case you cant cancel your other preorder


Depends what you mean.
If you mean is the Monster Race DLC bundle available on PS4 or XB1, it is not.

It is available on a few other online stores besides Steam. The best deal right now is on Green Man Gaming. They have a 23% off coupon which brings down the price of the Monster Race PC edition down significantly.


Thanks but I meant is there any way to get the pc monster race in stores oh and no, I’m getting it on pc.


It’s appearing on the usual digital places like Amazon, GMG and GameStop.


Thanks but I’m from Australia, none of those stores are at my local area.


I’m from australia and I bought it from Green man gaming (its a website that will give you a steam key for Evolve)


Ok then, I think that I will just stick to steam.


Why not go with Green Man Gaming?
You’re paying full price on Steam. Or are you interested in the copy of L4D?


Cause most of my games are either on steam or uplay and I didn’t know green man gaming until you guys told me.


If you buy the game from green man gaming, do you still get a steam key?


Yes, they are one of the officially approved Steam sellers by Valve. Your Steam key gets added to your GMG account under the Games tab and the header Steam, once the game is launched.


Green Man Gaming will give you a Steam key when the game is ready for preload. You’ll use that key like any other Steam key.


Ok then, thanks.