Is something wrong with my computer?


Hi guys , im worried , i have a computer with this spec

i5 3570k 3.4ghz
z77 motherboard
nvidia 347.52 drivers
8gb ram 1600mhz
Gforce gtx 680 2gb video
1tb disc
Full HD 24" LED monitor , 60hz ASUS.

Why can i only get medium video quality ? i should easy have high at least or what do you guys think about this ? something wrong abour my pc maybe ?


plz help me out here :frowning:


Turn shadows to minimun and off with anti alising, and put the rest in high, you wouldnt believe how demanding the shadows are.


im gonna try it out now ! im just worried something is wrong with my pc maybe.


I think the main bottleneck is the VRAM, Evolve is really VRAM heavy when getting past the medium textures.


What is actually the problem, low FPS? If that is the case, people with similar builds have being having FPS issues. The game is new and not optimised for everyone yet.

Strange that I could run evolve at 50 FPS on my gtx 560 though.


its lagging , how can i see my fps in the game btw ?


Um, don’t think there is an indicator. But people with gtx 970s and 980s have being running on 30 FPS. It is some issue with VRAM or component temperature I think. Some cases reported up to 3.5 GB of vram being used up.

Bets thing I can say is that you are not missing out on much. Evolve on medium/low graphics is still very pretty.


yea i tried lower shadow to low and turn of aa , still laggin at high :frowning: but medium works perfect , just thought maybe my pc had something wrong with it .

Ty for reply :smiley:


On gtx980 there is a problem with some i7 processors or different spec setups, my problem got fixed when i went and turned hyperthreading off from bios.

Before this i was running 30-50fps on every resolution and setting presets from low-hi on a 600 dollar card.
After disabling hyperthreading 1080p gave 130fps on ULTRA and 80-100fps on 1440p ULTRA settings.

Hope this will help some of you folks having issues.


yea i have i5 , dont have hyperthreading enable or diable option as far as i know , i got turbo boost ? can that be it ?


Sorry i dont have any clue about your problem, i was only replying to that other dode who talked abit about those gtx970 cards.

When you test out other resolutions does your FPS stay the same and other quality settings do those affect your FPS at all?

The problem i had and still have doesen’t make any sense to me.


i have a i5 3450 and a gtx 660, with all in medium shadows minimun and off anti alising game works pretty well rounding the 45-60 fps without any noticable lag spike, since your card is stronger than mine i was hoping the advise i gave you would help =), you can use a specific option that steam has now that shows fps in games, just look around in steam options.


i turned it of turbo boost and it went a lot better , still lagging a bit but playable at least. hmm yea il try that steam fps thing to se if it drops.


when its saying 970 fps , wth …


ok my bad, now its never dropping lower then 60 ingame, its between 60-90 mostly, and didnt lag. il keep an eye out in future games,


ok guys , i got fps drop , it laggs when it goes down ahrd to 12-20 fps . not i know why at least. strangew with my graphic :frowning:


Can you please stop posting multiple replies? You can simply edit your last reply and then add new info as UPDATE.

Updated a few stuff on my laptops,I am getting 45+ on high and 30-35 on ultra on 860m…
60+ on high and 60ish on Ultra on my 980m…